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UCHUU Spring / Summer 2019

The Spring / Summer collection evolves in a spirit of freedom giving the desire for soft and airy materials. The loose and fluid cuts are privileged and give way to simple, sober and elegant silhouettes. The use of linen comes to assume the flexibility of the lines and the naturalness of the fallen ones. The skirt is worn freely. The stripe is available in different sizes but also in a versatile combination of fabrics. The shirts are reinvented by architecturally well-designed design, slightly narrow or somewhat loose-fitting. The dresses adapt to both casual and sophisticated looks.

“The Charming Explorer”

This theme expresses through soft silhouettes this desire for escape and freedom that the deserted expanses provide. The loose and fluid cuts reveal vaporous tunics and aerial dresses. The use of linen comes to assume the flexibility of the lines and the naturalness of the fallen ones. The palette of sandy beiges colors clothes and brings softness and sensuality enabling to fully express this aura of a chic adventurer. The attitude is clear, the gesture is released and the pace is moving.

“Urban Jungle”

This theme tries to blur the boundaries between professional and personal to create lighter silhouettes where the pieces are inscribed in time and become universal. With simplified but highly controlled lines the trousers create a contrast with the tops reinvented by their architectural design and give value to these new volumes.

“Vertiginous Love”

This theme tries to translate, through a hymn for stripes as an extension of the sensual woman, the celebration of a life punctuated by love. Reworked in a graphic and contemporary version, they come in all their forms. Wider, vertical, horizontal or playing on transparency, they envelop without ever forcing the geometry of the body. Colors play on black, blue and white at the same time and combine with different textures, becoming the expression of femininity that is both sensitive and dreamy.


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